About Us

Hi, this is Grace. I live in northern Thailand where I ride enduro and run an off road tour company. Most days in the mountains, my bike of choice is my 2022 KLX230: it’s light, cheap, and with a few modifications, surprisingly capable. For my tour customers, I also have a bunch of CRF300L which I’ve fully kitted out for enduro.

I created HiVoltSpares.com when I realised that many KLX230 owners were having difficulty accessing aftermarket parts around the world.  In particular, the high variable idle on the KLX230 is something that you’ll want to fix straight away unless you live in a place with no hills, but it’s not a fix you’ll find at your local Kawasaki dealer. So HiVoltSpares.com was born, and continues to expand as I personally try and test more quality, locally made parts.

We now also stock CRF300L parts, based on my experience fitting out CRFs for serious off road here in Thailand. The CRF300L is made in Thailand so we have access to a brilliant range of high quality, locally produced aftermarket parts. 

Ordering bike parts from Thailand usually means crippling shipping fees, but not with HiVolt Spares. We offer free tracked shipping, worldwide. If you don’t see what you need listed in our shop, just send us a message on orders@hivoltspares.com and we’ll make up a special order for you.


HiVoltSpares.com belongs to HiVolt Motorsport Limited Partnership in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Tax ID 0503561005522.

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